Using ICT in Maths

An Introduction

This website was set up as part of a Gatsby Fellowship Project. It contains a range of ideas and resources for using ICT in Maths.

The projects are grouped in separate pages, which can be found using the links on the right.

About the Resources

The resources available on this site are grouped into projects. Each project focuses on a particular aspect of using ICT in a maths classroom. Two of the projects focus on using interactive whiteboards with two different software packages, MS Excel and Pro/DESKTOP.

There are revision podcasts for students to use for both GCSE and A Level. and a section on using video in the classroom.

About the Author

I have been teaching Mathematics for 18 years. I have taught at South Hunsley School and currently teach at Wilberforce Sixth Form College. I have been interested in using ICT in the classroom since the beginning of my teaching career. During my career, I have developed a wide range of resources using a number of software packages. These have included LOGO, Omnigraph, Autograph, Geogebra, Cabri Geometre, Derive, QBasic, Access, ProDesktop, PowerPoint, Smart Notebook and Excel. I have also delivered training on a number of these resources to teachers and trainee teachers at South Hunsley and elsewhere.

I have used ICT in the classroom to enhance understanding with my groups, and have been working with an interactive whiteboard for a number of years. I have also taught ICT at a range of levels.

I have worked on two projects funded by Gatsby Technical Education Projects. The first was a joint project with Rob Wright and Mike Cargill. This looked at how Pro/Desktop, a CAD software package, could be used in a Maths classroom. The second project was undertaken as a Gatsby Teacher Fellowship. This involved creating resources using MS Excel for use on an interactive whiteboard.

This website was created to publish the work from these two projects and any further work I undertake on using ICT in Maths. I hope you find it useful!